Healthy and Nutritious

Light digestible

Dutch A2 milk powder


VISSER & SONS is an internationally operating dairy company based in Amsterdam and dedicated to offering supreme quality, healthy and sustainable organic produced Dutch A2 dairy products.

Worldwide, the demand for healthy food is increasing. Being a Dutch producer of A2 milk powder and dairy based functional foods and based on our extensive experience in this field we make a difference and meet these worldwide consumer needs by supplying a high quality portfolio of Dutch organic A2 milk powders.

Where does our A2 milk come from?

The A2 milk is produced in The Netherlands having one of the highest milk quality standards in the world. Our A2 Bio milk is obtained from a unique and high select herd of around 2000 Dutch cows, reared on a sustainably managed farm.


This qualification is nowhere else to be found in the world and gives the guarantee that all our A2 Bio milk products stem from these unique cows. These cows are raised organically in a self sustainable farm meaning that no medication is applied for the cows and during the production process.


Young selected A2 cows