About Our Company

We are an internationally operating family company, that develops high quality Dutch dairy products. Since 2018, our Amsterdam based company has been developing retail and food service products according to the highest qualitystandards.

Modern production methods and the highest quality requirements. Together with our customers we are constantly working on
improving our products. But we also develop new products that are distinctive and really make the difference. We do this by responding quickly to the most important developments in the market and the changing behavior of theconsumer. Think of the desire to live healthy and more responsible. The en joyment of healthy and responsible living are our keywords, without compromising on taste and the superior quality that Visser & Sons stands for.

What we do

At Visser & Sons we guarantee that the quality and food safety is safeguarded, and we believe the future of food is in nutraceuticals.

We advanced and developed the process of upgrading A2 Organic Dairy products to the scientific level of nutraceuticals, containing active food nutrients. Our products includes milk powder and goat milk powder for both adult and children. The milk products originate from milk derived from a uniquely selected strain of Dutch Organic A2A2 certified cows.

Visser Sons ,我们保证质量和食品安全得到保障,并且我们相信食品的未来是以食为药的
科技创新类保健食品。 我们推进和开发了将 A2 有机乳制品升级到包含活性食品营养素的科学保
健品水平的工艺。 我们的产品源自于牛乳和羊乳,包含了成人奶粉和婴幼儿配方奶粉。其中牛
奶产品来自于通过多重 DNA 筛选出来的荷兰有机 A2A2 认证的奶牛。

Global A2 milk innovator

Our A2 milk products provide A2 β casein protein which is most similar to β casein in breast milk.
And β casein is an important source of protein, and at the same time it delivers important minerals such as calcium and phosphorus in the body to promote its digestion and absorption. It help natural immunity just like breast milk.
It can also protect our intestinal flora, promote digestion, absorption, and build a strong immune system like breast milk.

Consumer Products 消费者产品

Premium quality of Dutch goat milk

Dutch goat milk is famous for its mild taste, a direct result of the important development in professionalism of the Dutch dairy goat sector The Dutch goat farmer known to be one of the most efficient farmers worldwide with an enormous drive to produce high quality milk froms goats living in a low stress environment In general, white goats from the Saanen species are milked in the Netherlands The average level of milk production of Dutch dairy goats rises every year due to the good hereditary characteristics and excellent management.
Only the farmers with excellent milk values get the
opportunity to supply Visser Sons

Goat milk has a long tradition in being used as a
foodstuff It is tasty, healthy and easy to digest Its fat content has got an average of approximately 4 1 and its goat protein content 3. 4% Apart from that, the nutritional value is high goat milk is an important source of high quality protein (it contains all the essential amino acids), calcium, vitamins A and B 2. Goat milk powder contains all the natural elements and materials as well

Goat milk powder product

Children formula 儿童山羊奶粉 (3 12 岁 years old)

Goat milk powder product Specifications

Below our clear and standard specifications for full cream goat milk powder.

Cow milk powder product Adult milk powder

Full Cream

milk powder


Skimmed Cream

milk powder


Pregnant moyhers drink


Mothers drink