Premium quality of Dutch goat milk

Dutch goat milk is famous for its mild taste, a direct result of the important development in professionalism of the Dutch dairy goat sector The Dutch goat farmer known to be one of the most efficient farmers worldwide with an enormous drive to produce high quality milk froms goats living in a low stress environment In general, white goats from the Saanen species are milked in the Netherlands The average level of milk production of Dutch dairy goats rises every year due to the good hereditary characteristics and excellent management.
Only the farmers with excellent milk values get the opportunity to supply Visser Sons

Goat milk has a long tradition in being used as a foodstuff It is tasty, healthy and easy to digest Its fat content has got an average of approximately 4 1 and its goat protein content 3. 4% Apart from that, the nutritional value is high goat milk is an important source of high quality protein (it contains all the essential amino acids), calcium, vitamins A and B 2. Goat milk powder contains all the natural elements and materials as well