Dairy products and Nutraceuticals

Skal certification (Dutch organic)

Our A2 dairy cows are on responsibly managed agricultural land. We are proud to lead by example with regard to sustainable agriculture and biodiversity and we do our best to preserve nature.

We strive to follow the biodynamic principle with our Organic A2 farmers. This means that our farmers treat the land with the respect it deserves in order to preserve it for future generations. We approach everything from a sustainability point of view: the quality of the soil and plants, the animals grazing on the land and the people who work on the land. Our goal is to minimize the environmental impact, with a focus on generating: Social Return, Natural Return, Financial Return and finally Inspiration.

Hope and inspiration for a future in which people can live for generations on the fertile soil they cultivate. In this way, this agricultural principle creates a good balance for future-proof and profitable agriculture for nature and people.

A 2 A 2 certificate of Control Union