Our Story

Dairy products and Nutraceuticals

We don’t think about ourselves as a dairy player, and we don’t think about how we’re developing our business in the context of the rest of the industry developing. We focus on what consumers are we serving and how do we best impact their lives today by providing them the very highest quality dairy nutrition.

Visser & Sons is an extraordinary company with significant opportunity. We are on our way to build a strong organic A2 Dairy brand in the EU markets (best consumer awareness for health and wellness) as well as Asia (one of the biggest consumer markets areas in terms of food products and huge growth potential due to deficits of high quality dairy supply).

Consumers are really interested in our products and the mix of products and concepts that we are bringing to consumers for nutritional purposes.

Mission and Vision

Combining fields of our knowledge and competence can offer innovative insights and deliver new inroads in the quality of life worldwide based on high quality organic A2 dairy products.

We believe and focus on preventive lifestyle basics, bringing out the best possible products that meet the contemporary (unmet) needs and wants in all markets.