Quality & Safety Standards

Our A2 certified dairy farmers supply the best quality A2 milk and meet the strictest requirements for hygiene and food safety. Visser & Sons carefully selects raw materials from suppliers. Within 24 hours, the fresh Dutch A2 milk is processed into first class milk powder. The excellent milk gives us the opportunity to supply high-quality milk powders every day for countless applications worldwide.

We carry out constant checks in accredited laboratories and continuously improve our products. The Central Body for Quality Matters in Dairy (COKZ) monitors compliance with commodity legal standards and EU regulations. In addition, our products are judged daily on taste, smell and appearance for superior quality.



Visser Sons we guarantee the quality and food safety is safeguarded by the transparency and authenticity from the origin of products to the entire supply chain

Our activities cover the entire dairy chain: from grass to glass. This means that you can count on us from purchasing to production, sales and shipping. Throughout this process, we continuously carry out checks on the quality of our products and the level of our services. This allows us to offer our products all over the world, regardless of the season.
You can count on us.


We have obtained

  Skal certification (Dutch organic), and obtaining A 2 A 2 certificate of Control Union.

Of course, we also pay attention to the ingredients themselves they are natural, GMO free and sugar reduced

Our quality and sustainability commitment

WHO - code

Visser and Sons International B.V.
supports the code of the World Health Organization (WHO) :
‘Breast milk is the is the ideal source of nutrition for infants.
Breast milk substitutes are recognised by the World Health Organization as safe and nutritious alternatives to breast milk for infants whose mothers cannot or choose not to breastfeed.


We care about all raw materials, nature, our people and animals an treat and handle them responsibly.
We focus on the sustainability throughout the supply chain by complying with Dairy Sustainability Framework (DSF), which provides overarching goals and alignment of the sector’s actions globally on the path to sustainability.